Ratan Singh Memorial Mahavidalaya, Agra, established in 2014 with the motto of "Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya", is catering meaningfully to the educational needs of the Student of Bareilly region.
The College owes its existence to the efforts of Shri Rakesh Yadav, s/o Shri Ratan Singh Yadav, after his lot of hard work. his dream come true. Ratan Singh Mahavidhyalaya is fully Air conditioned with smart classes, A well organized reception area for the guardians, Modern washroom, Lab facilities, well maintained garden with full greenery for fresh air, CCTV .

Distinctive Features
This institution provides an environment which is free of noise and pollution.

The management of the institution realizes the significance of technical education as an essential means of augmentation of the region and for the upliftment of the working class and rural youth.


Shri Ratan Singh  vows to establish an institute that should be a predecessor in education.

Student covers every part of civilization. Great works of humanity, from the building of the great monuments to the creation of the Internet, are wonders of engineering. Our Endeavour is to educate the students in all spheres of the life. Apart from the normal curriculum, at Shri Ratan Singh, we give stress, to all round development of students by providing sports, communication skills etc.